Blundstone 550 Boots Review (2+ Years) Shoe Review

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hey everybody today i'm reviewing my Blundstone 550 boots I've had them for years and years now and they're still going strong and I don't plan on replacing them anytime soon let me just start out by saying the year i got these i wore them every single day they were my they were my everyday shoe on stage going camping, at the mattress store everywhere I went these are the shoes

i'm gonna look back to my amazon account and see exactly how long I've had these Blundstone boots july first 2014 i ordered a pair in size 10 and the next day I sent them back for a nine and a half so in the US i wear a ten-and-a-half so i guess In Australian size I wear a nine and a half the 10 probably would have been fine but i wanted something that hugged my foot a little bit more so I ended up with the nine and a half so I've had them for about two-and-a-half years so they started out like this and now they look like this so I'll address a few of the things i see on amazon reviews I've had these for going on three years and they've never leaked water and I've stepped in many puddles I don't do manual labor for a living where i'm like walking in the mud or the water or anything like that I'm not scared to step in a puddle with you things I've never had any kind of moisture leak in there are people on amazon that have had them for a long time and said that eventually they will leak water around the toe but for me I've never had a problem with that people are also pointing out the polyurethanes they used to use in the soles that would crumble has all been completely replaced most likely if you read the reviews of these you'll see that people had the soles crumble but realistically you probably don't need to worry about that anymore i have not had any issues you can actually see it was an interesting one these lines right here where I rested my feet against the campfire ring camping two years ago I've worn them in the snow an d worn them in the water Ive warn them when it was dry they came with two insoles Iwear them with the thinnest insole if you were going to add an insole or an orthotic anything like that to these you would definitely want to order one size up with the thinnest insert these come with they're still pretty tight round top of the foot the arch support is pretty far back but it's not bad it's the arch supports decent in these if you compare this like a converse all star that has no arch support it's fantastic obviously if you have a specialty needs and you can add an insole just buy a size up all and all the arch supports pretty good it's not like a cowboy boot where you feel the heel and then the bump down it's a lot more comfortable than that some people do mention that it's a pretty narrow boot and I can see if you have really wide feet you might want to look elsewhere my feet are right on the edge of average too wide and i have no issues you can see right here where my foot and kind of hung over the soul but it's never been an issue it's never been a comfort issue for me so these are the 550 and have the soft leather sewn-in I've never worn the 500 but from what I understand the 500 have a little bit more room inside because they don't have the soft leather sewn in A few guys on amazon have commented about how they also own red wing and other high-end boots said the Blundstones are great because you just put them on and go and they break-in easy that's true i mean the first week of wore these they were pretty stiff but they broke in fast it only took a few weeks for them to really feel like my boots and after a month and even a year they feel like an extension of you when you put them on it's like oh yeah it's MY BOOTS so basically all the positive reviews just say Best Boots EVER ever been wearing them for years everyone should own them this guy says it took nine years for my first pair to wear out so i bought the exact same style again and i must say is that the fit, comfort and overall quality is much improved so there's reviews like that right there on amazon so generally the one two three star reviews are size issues so if you order these and get them in the wrong size, by all means send them back, send them right on back and get the right size there's no reason there's no reason for a shoe like this that you can get in any size easily that you shouldn't just mail it on back and get the right one it's so easy to send something back on the internet these days like the, the fedex or UPS guy just shows up and it's like hey I'm here for that package you don't have to do anything to put it back in the boxes and tape on it by the way the nickname for Blundstone boots is Blunnies and I'm not from Australia obviously and i don't really know but if you read the internet there's a lot of lore about these beaing like standard in Australia maybe Maybe Chris form Australia can comment on this and let us know another thing I'd like to point out right now it does say tasmania Austalia on there but realistically the tag on the inside says made in vietnam there were a lot of complaints on the internet that weren't necessarily about the quality of the shoe but people just complaining that they had sent the manufacturing to Vietnam instead of tasmania I feel that an American where a lot of the stuff we get made in China or India or Vietnam I think the quality of these just as high as a lot of stuff that I on this man USA are made in Europe so I wouldn't say the fact that these are made in Vietnam takes anything away but perhaps they should change the Tasmanian Australia label so I wore these all over Colorado for oiur 2015 trip and they were great for walking on the trail they were great for walking down Main Street whenever town we were in but when i SAT around a campfire in the cold my feet would get cold the leather that wasn't facing the campfire would get cold they're not the best shoes for keeping your feet warm in cold weather the leather gets cold and then your feet get cold because there is not any upper insulation in there so literally what I found myself doing was taking these off and holding my socks by the

like holding my feet by the fire in my socks and then putting these back on to hold that warmth in for a little bit but then the cold boot would cool my feet back off if you have to walk in snow all the time then obviously you're going to need a different boot but for mild climate these things are absolutely fantastic of course now looking at the Amazon reviews there's plenty of people that have them that live in cold climates and said is they're too warm because they're not breathable I'm not sure for me they were great except for the night when it's really cold and we're hanging out outside and I was just sitting around those only time I felt like these things where I keep my feet perfectly warm but yeah they're not like the standard boot in America and supposedly they are in Australia but I don't really know since i've owned them i've noticed characters on TV wearing them i think the guys on criminal minds were wearing them i'm i'm not sure anymore but i have seen them on TV shows that it's always interesting when you own a shoe and then you see the guys on TV wearing it on the 550 the leather is fully died while on the 500 only the outside is dyed um

and I guess that's why as these wear they don't show any really light spots on the 550 series a few different color combinations between the letter color and the cloth color i'd really like it if I could get a custom pair this is like a crazy color that'd be awesome one of the things that makes a pair of blundstones cool is knowing how they wore down like this scratch right here I totally did on a set of bed rails at the mattress store trying to pick it up with my foot so I mean when you have some blundstone you know also these scratches on the back that's where I turned the wheel lock on or off on the dolly that we use for music equipment so you're blundstones are like the historic record of the things you've done with your feet i remember when i got these in the mail my first impression was WOAH those are really Brown when you first receive them in the mail the whole boot looks like this color up here uhh and it takes a while for them to fade out so when i first got them they're like they're kind of a weird dark brown for my style it took a while for them to really get beat up like this like maybe here I just wore 'em and wore 'em and you know they became like an extension of me anyway there's not much to say if you don't already have a pair of Blundstones you should have one they're pretty inexpensive by chelsea boot standards and they hold of great so give me a thumbs up for these awesome blundstone boots and if you don't already subscribe to my channel go ahead and subscribe I make new videos every day and I do reviews probably about once a week and leave me some comments because if you owned these shoes before I would like to know what you think that'll help anybody to watch this video and if you don't need to have some questions just drop them in the comments below anyway i'm BIRDSNAKE and this has been my review of Blundstone 550 thanks for watching however one everybody everybody everybody today I'm doing a review everybody everybody everybody everybody Blundstone 550 boots hi everyone hi everyone

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