Kyrie Irving Custom Nike Shoes, Chris Chiozza Florida

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My Kyries, all white ones How important is senior leadership to your team? I mean senior leadership is a huge part of our team you know we have Casey, Schuyler, Canyon, and Justin, they are our four leaders and so before every game coach asks them a couple of questions and they give us some input and whatever they say that's what we're coming out there and trying to do every night

What's the game plan for tomorrow? It's the same game plan we have every game, you know we'll come out there and we're not going to give them any easy looks or anything like that we're going to try to be rough on defense and not turn the ball over on offense and just come out there and play hard What shoes are you going to be wearing? I think I'm gonna wear these right here My Kyries, my all white ones These are special to me I'm the only one that got these, these were special made for me, there's a lot of stuff

What makes these special? I have my grandfather in this shoe and I have my grandmother in this one, so every game I try wear these They both passed away when I was in high school so I wear those during the game Those are really cool shoes Thank you How important is defense to your team? That's what our team is built on, defense, you know we get stops defensively and everything and then that's what creates our offense because we're so fast

If we get the ball, then you know we're faster than the other team, we try to get down there and score fast So we can only do that if we stop them from scoring, though What's your favorite part about being at the NCAA tournament? Oh man, missing school I like not going to class right now it's like a big spring break, second week of spring break it's fun Thanks so much

You're welcome