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Hello everybody, this is Michelle from WOWTV Thank-you for joining us today We talk about an outfit isn't complete without a pair of matching shoes Today I am very excited to invite a shoe designer and a gorgeous lady Wendy Tse she will be sharing with us her story in designing such beautiful shoes

We are extremely excited to have Wendy on our talk-show Michelle: I want to draw your attention to the beautiful shoes I am wearing today are designed by Wendy Tse It is also a product from her Spring 2017 collection Displayed on this table is also designed by Wendy First, I would like to ask Wendy how did you start in the shoe business And have done any business before Wendy: Before I immigrated to Canada, I lived in Venezuela for seven years I owned and operated a department store with my family Through my interaction and experience with local customers, I learned a lot about clothing and accessories Putting together an outfit was the easy part

But finding the perfect pair of shoes to match, was somewhat difficult During my stay at Venezuela, I was surrounded with a lot of passionate romantic and lovely people Influenced my style in design Plus, when I was growing up I often went the library and joined several drawing competitions I would always get recognition or award I am very thankful for all that In 1998, I immigrated to Canada and continued my career as an entreprenuer and chose to start in the shoe business Michelle: I understand you like to draw and you have talent in Color sense

Wendy: Yes! My color sense is very strong Michelle: Perhaps with this talent and previous experience in retail made you begin in shoes designs When I began this career, I was very glad that I had prerequisites from early age to learn the Italian language If you ask me who makes the best shoes? The Italians make the finest shoes So before started my business in Canada, I went to Italy and France and got many ideas and inspirations from well-known designers But looking at the the pair of shoes priced, around 1000 euro made me think how people can afford My budget is like a hundred something Thinking about other ladies like me I am sure this price range is more realistic and affordable for matching clothing With this vision, I wanted to create something with the Italian designers perhaps I can play around with material to create a beautiful product If we look at Italian shoes, the soles are mostly made with genuine leather The cost of leather sole is equivalent to our cost of plastic sole But more importantly, we cannot apply this material to Canadian footwear

We have to use materials that are non-slip Sometimes I look at other designer's work, and realized it does not apply to my customers What I do is take elements and aspects which would work in our market Through my research I realized my Canadian or North Americans have a higher arch on their foot Perhaps it has something to do with the foods we consume Maybe more vitamins and nutrients added in our foods Anyhow, with my shoes I have to apply elements and details suitable for our market

Something does looks good is not enough Many big designers have already created fantastic pieces perhaps for showcasing on a runway show But then after couple hours your feet feel tired and sore Michelle: That is why you want to incorporate your design into society products that look fantastic but comfortable and affordable Michelle: I am sure a lot of people are curious about the process of shoe design Would that process be the same as designing clothing Such as, drawing sketches pattern making Wendy: I would have to start with the method I learned from in Italian shoe makers Let me give you an example For all designs, I start from the heel with this heel which is this style First, I have to be able to find the heel from material market

Michelle: Wow, this heel is stunning Wendy: Yes, this is gorgeous Michelle: Looks like a flower on the heel Wendy: Yes! very beautiful! We supply to a shoe store at Niagara-on-the-Lake They have a lot of customers visiting from the United States Many Americans are in love and search for my designs So this year, I have decided to use the same heel but modify the upper only I continue this design due to popular demand Most of my designs are based on my customers needs and wants And more importantly, the main reason look for quality with Luvshoe's My sandals are all made with genuine leather lining

The feeling on the foot is very comfortable Reason I do not use all leather is because of environmental concept and the costs of making If I use all leather, the price of final product is fairly high Michelle: So only the inside of the sandal is lined with genuine leather I understand my customers look for quality and uniqueness in materials A lot of times, we cannot achieve the look with genuine leather the swatch selection and color option is very limited in genuine leather In addition, I want to mention Michelle: The use of special materials is a very important Michelle: Continuing with the design The first stage is choosing the heel

So, what is the next step Wendy: The second step is to look for fabrics and materials It's the same process as cooking visiting the grocery store and purchasing all the supporting ingredients Similar process in constructing a pair of shoes After this, we need to make sure the out-sole is made with high quality non-slip materials The shoes we make to plastic sole

But if you apply the material to Canadian market is unsuitable due to our weather We have to use non-slip material on our soles Most of the women in Canada have a higher arch on their foot Perhaps it has something to do with the food we eat Maybe more vitamins and nutrients added in our foods Anyhow, with my shoes I applied elements according to my customers needs My customers appreciates all the details the process of shoe design be similar to this sketch I have here with this heel and uniqueness in materials the craftsmanship are very comfortable and be worn for hours

Michelle: First find the heel, second is finding the material, third is sketching and final would be communicating your ideas for manufacturing Wendy: Yes this would be the preliminary process Let me tell you why my designs are approved by many supports I started in this business in 1998 Initially I started importing shoes Luvshoe's that are Made-in-Italy I was very lucky to be recognized by buyers at the Toronto Shoe Show We hired agents from different regions One day, I was surprised to hear from an agent that someone wanted to borrow my samples I remember responding that I was already so busy with my existing projects I just wanted to focus in designing beautiful shoes

The day after I borrowed my shoes samples, everyone seem to know my brand and people wanted to carry Luvshoes That's when I realized, my product was showcased on television The feeling was very exciting and felt very honored I guess my hobbies during my childhood such as going to library or joining coloring competitions and winning awards had a great influence in my future Aside from being showcased on televsion In 2004, I received another surprise my customer told me that my products were published on a front page spread

I was totally shocked and I was sure people looking at this spread questioned about that pink boot My inspirations are from the time I lived in Venezuela The culture influenced me to create products that are extremely colorful and full of passion Michelle: Yes, I can feel how passionate you are through this interview Wendy: I feel very natural when presenting my own products

Michelle: Your products were published on magazines Wendy: Yes I was so excited to receive this gift This meant a lot to me throughout this career Michelle: I understand the shoes you designed received many recognition and awards here we have an award for "GINNY'S" the best shoe store in Cambridge, ON Michelle: Aside from this can you tell us what other recognition or rewards Wendy: Yes, I have a couple to show Just let me take a look here Michelle: I understand you have joined several tradeshows in the United States and also received many recognitions Michelle: What other shows have you participated Wendy: I exhibited at a show in Milan, Italy The beige mules on the front page is thanks to "Footwear Journal" for publishing my product on their magazine

This magazine from Canada is one and only magazine that focus on trendy footwear of the season I am very privilege that my products are featured in every publishing More importantly, in 2002 "Footwear Journal" used this beige mule on their front page together with other bigger brands I felt like I accomplished another goal Every time I receiving these recognitions makes me feel like winning the lottery So I participated in the Milan Shoe Fair and also GDS, Düsseldorf Germany My products were exhibited and received orders and support from Buyers Michelle: Also, to mention Luvshoe's had also sponsored our WowTV's Beauty Pageant This brand of yours is much recognized your supporters love your designs

You also have these shoes accessories that accentuate or revive the look of your existing shoes Wendy: The shoe clips gives your pair of shoes a new look I am sure many ladies already own a pair or two of ballerina shoes You can even use the clips as a hair accessory Clip it on a hat Lastly, place it on your plain shoes

Michelle: For 2017 What would the trend be? Wendy: In my 2017 designs I have these designs are most selected by my retailers which my buyers have pre-ordered Michelle: Actually, that style is very unique Wendy: Yes, this style is now considered antique This style was part of my Spring 2005 collection It was exhibited at a museum in United States Also, this product was available at MGM Grand gift shops At that time, many gift shops in resorts and island carried this product

I know Michelle, you have a function for charity purpose I will be glad to sponsor with this collectors item Honestly, I have a couple pairs put aside for treasure and memories Michelle: Thank-you ahead for sponsoring Today we are very greatful to have Wendy on our talk-show for telling us more about her brand her design concepts If you want Wendy to design for you, or how to contact Wendy Wendy: You can contact me from the description listed on the screen At this time, I would like to thank my retailers for the years long support in my brand and designs Especially, "De Ritz Boutique" in downtown Toronto Thank-you to all your customers that have support our Luvshoes Her store is located under Hudson's Bay department store Next, I would like to thanks "ARA" in Niagara-on-the-lake, ON "Etceteras" in Saskatoon, SK She carries full line of Luvshoes and is exclusive in her city

I am very grateful that her customers love Luvshoes I want to mention this year I have a contract with a shoe store for designing party shoes in Hamilton and Brampton, ON from Bramalea City Centre "Coco Shoes" I am very privilege to be part of their design team Michelle: Once again we like to thank-you Wendy for coming More information about her brand is listed on the bottom of screen