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♪ My name is Angela ♪ ♪ Hey, hello! ♪ ♪ Welcome to my very own show ♪ ♪ I'll introduce my friends to you ♪ Oh no! It's ninnypoo! ♪ Shoobee-doobee-doo wap-waa ♪ ♪ My name is Angela ♪ ♪ And you are not ♪ ♪ Nanette manoir is a stuck up jerk face snot ♪ And now to today's story, starring me

And not starring nannete manoir >>> [struggling noises] >> this weekend is like any other average, ordinary weekend >> smell it! >> smell it, Angela! >> and Mark and Derek are enjoying their average, ordinary form of entertainment Torturing me! >> dude Give her a break

She doesn't want to smell your socks She wants to smell my underwear! [laughing] I wore these babies for three weeks straight! >>> [laughing] [grunting] >> no! Not the underwear! No! Huh? >> your lesson is over, grasshopper Hop away >> what's going on, Gordy Rhinehart and coach Rhinehart? >> my dad's teaching me the ancient art of self-defence known as karate >> coach Rhinehart, could you teach me the ancient art of karate on account of my brothers know the ancient art of making me smell their underwear? >> no problem

[chuckling] I know just where to start >> okay, I painted the fence What did I learn, coach Rhinehart? >> questions are many Answers are few >> huh? >> well, actually, I needed my fence painted

[chuckling] okay, you ready to learn some karate? >> I've been ready all day! >> oh, grasshopper In life we must remember the journey I remember when I was young like you I was eager, hopping along, never noticing the journey Then one day i– >> um, coach Rhinehart, not to be rude but I don't have time for a journey

I just want to defend myself against my brothers and their evil undies >> ah, well, heck, in that case, one simple move should do the trick Now, I'm gonna show you something that Gordy hasn't even learned It's called the drooling tiger [karate noises] got it? >> wow, that's all there is to it? >> well, that and the robe

Now, run along, grasshopper You are ready to hop in the fields of life >> [karate noises] >> what are you doing, Angela? >> you look like a dead bird >>> [laughing] >> [echoing] you are ready to hop in the fields of life >> [karate shrieks] let's go! Bring it on! >> nah, we're too hungry to pick on you >> we never bully on an empty stomach C'mon, dude Budgie burger! >> but

Don't you have any dirty laundry you want me to smell? So now, on account of my brothers actually leaving me alone for once, I am all flipped up with no one to flip >> I told you a hundred times, Johnny, black jack is not a game for children! >> but, Nonna >> no buts! >> man, Nonna never lets me play any parlour games >> want me to flip her for ya? >> now, class, after the unfortunate incidents surrounding hank the goldfish and sherman the chick, I've decided that our new class pet will be something that cannot run away, change sex, or die! Meet rocky, your new pet rock! So who's going to be the keeper of rocky for the weekend? Josephine! >> but you raised your hand first, Gordy Rhinehart! Want me to flip Josephine? 'cause I will >> can I have an extra plate of jiggly fruit, please? >> want me to fli– >> no! >> maybe today just isn't my flipping day >> excusez-moi– waahhh! Oh! >> [gasping] i

I didn't mean to It wasn't me, it was my kung fu >> aaah! One of your nails is broken! >> need Medical assistance Can't breathe

[gasping] >> want me to perform a tracheotomy? >> I'm fine Angela Anaconda, you are a savage beast! >> this isn't the place for a bar room brawl, miss Anaconda! Detention for the week! >> so now I am in detention but it was almost worth it to see the look on nanette's face in the cafeteria >> miss Anaconda, you are excused from detention In the future, please keep your brutish behaviour off the school grounds >> argh! >> sorry to be in your way, Angela Anaconda! We should really watch where we're going

>> but looks at it this way: you already hurt us Now you don't have to flip us! >> ahhh, let me get the door for you! >> no, let me get the door for her >> um Thanks >> here, Angela take this three dollars I was going to give to the mission The orphans can go a day without their gruel [laughing uneasily] >> what for? >> consider it anti-flipping penance The good book tells us to bless the beasts and the children

And according to nanette manoir, you're both >> you guys, something strange is going on Yesterday bob gave me a ride home on his bike and then he gave me his bike! >> Angela Anaconda, people fear you >> [scoffing] that's ridiculous >>> [gasping] >> I see the hard time in detention didn't deter Angela Anaconda from her life of brutality

Face it, Anaconda! You are a bully! >> a bully?! I should flip you for just saying that >> which is french for, ha, 'do you want our dessert, Angela?' >> hey, guys, can I play? >> whatever you want, Angela I'm too young to be a martyr >> you guys don't think I'm a bully, do you? Guys? Guys? And that is why I'm as lethal as an entire army >> yi! >> only, the thing is, no one wants to hang out with lethal armies

At least my friends have agreed to meet me for pizza [sighing] thanks for listening, Johnny's uncle Nicky >> hey, that's what friends are for And, uh, speakin' of friends, I was wondering if, uh, maybe you could lean on old tony "tailgate" mannetti for your old friend Nicky, huh? >> you mean you're only hanging out with me on account of you want me to flip someone for you? >> well, you see, I owe ol' tailgate a coupla clams you know >> I don't know if I want to get involved with clams but I'll show you the flip thing so you can flip him yourself >> oooh! >>> [gasping] >> wow, Angela's beating up my uncle! >> no! Wait a minute! >> ack! We've seen too much! She's gonna flip us next! >> run for your lives! >> wait! You don't understand! So now seeing as even my friends are not my friends on account of they are afraid of me, I am completely alone "you have abused your ancient flipping knowledge You must find a way to use your powers for good," coach Rhinehart's head will tell me

There must be someone I can help with my helpful new skill "help me, kind stranger," spangly jangles will beg "i've been waiting to play horse shoes for hours, but the line is too long

" No problem! "i'm sorry, I thought you were a good guy," spangly will say But I am a good guy! "you're not helping anyone, grasshopper," the head will tell me "your path of indiscriminate flipping leads only– ahhh!" But after all that flipping, I think my path leads to a nice glass of sarsaparilla at the saloon! "help me, help me, I'm in distress, seeing as there is a big bad bully in town," the french old west girl will scream A bully!? Finally, I can do some good! Which one of you is the bully? Is it you? >> aah! >> or you? Hi-yah! Or you? Hi-yah! Or you? Hi-yah! "heh, get out of town, bully!" Sheriff Johnny Abbati will tell me, on account of the bully in town was me! But I don't wanna be a bully! Guys, wait! I don't wanna be a bully! Do you hear me, Johnny? >> [as Sir Ducksworthy] [coughing] um, yes Johnny isn't here right now

No >> I'll never flip anyone again, I promise! >> I don't know, Angela Anaconda You seem to be some sort of crazed Flipper person >> yeah, I think my uncle Nicky's paralyzed from the neck up >> what if I promised to give you a dollar every time I flip someone, just so you know I won't? >> welcome back, Angela Anaconda >> [chuckling] hey, Angela We've been looking for you

It's time to go for a little ride [chuckling] >> what's this for? >>> aaah! Oooph! Aah! >> best money I ever spent So uh Which one of you wants to by me a cinnamon swirl? Anyone? Oh, come on! Please >>> [laughing] >> of all the things in life that are not fair, the most unfair of all is being dragged shoe shopping when the shoes you are shopping for are not even for you! >> for some reason, Mark and Derek's shoes just wear out faster than yours, Angela >>> [laughing] >> so Mark and Derek get to get brand new shoes while I am stuck with my old junky ones Well, if I could get new shoes, I know exactly which shoes I would get Orange rubber stompers! The most amazing shoes ever

>> 12, 21, 34 Hike! >> oooph! >> [groaning] >> oh dear Angela, can you watch Lulu? Boys! Put that salesman down, now! >> [groaning] you know, baby Lulu, mom said I couldn't buy shoes today, but she never said that I couldn't try on shoes today

Wow! With these shoes on, people would see me coming from miles away! Right, baby Lulu? Baby Lulu? Oh, no! Baby Lulu forgot she was supposed to be watching me watch the shoes! [loud whispering] baby Lulu?! Baby Lulu?! Baby Lulu! Lulu! If mom found out I lost you, I would never hear the end of it! >> look! I never put my socks back on! >> I'm Pinocchio! >> goodness gracious! What are you two doing outside? >> um Derek has socks on his ears! >> this feels cool! >> everyone, in the car! Now! >> phew! >> [girl's voice] ooh! Mark! I love you! [kissing sound] >> I am so relieved that I didn't lose my baby sister and get in trouble that I don't even mind when she– ow! Stop that, baby Lulu, or you'll grow up to be just like Mark and Derek >> [crying] >> [sighing] sometimes, the trouble with babies is that they are such babies

[gasping] the orange rubber stompers! I forgot that I was wearing them! I am an accidental shoe stealer! What do I do? If I tell my mom, does that make her an accomplice? What if Mark and Derek see the shoes and turn me in for a reward? >> [girl's voice] mmm, mmm, kiss me, Mark, oooo! >> fortunately, this is the one time I am glad that my brothers are such dimwits >> boys! Don't ruin your new shoes Boys! >> now I have to get in the house without anyone seeing my stolen stompers! Ahhh! Not now, king! I can't let anyone see my shoes! Phew! That was close! But at least I am safe at last! >> hey, Angela! >> gaaa! >> whoa! Cool shoes– ulp! >> those are some pretty amazing shoes, Angela They kind of remind me of the new orange cream puffs at Mapperson's Where'd you buy them? >> that's the problem! I didn't buy them! I accidentally ran out of the shoe store without paying for them and left my old junky shoes behind! >> Angela! Accident or not, that's thievery! If you don't want to go to jail, you'll have to go on the run! >> tonight's top story, fugitive Angela Anaconda is on the run in a pair of stolen stompers

Keep a special lookout because she may be wearing a disguise >> I don't want to go on the run, Gordy Rhinehart! What do I do? >> [muffled noises] >> Johnny Abatti, just because the store has my shoes and I have the store's shoes does not make me and the store even-steven >> the answer to your problem is simple, Angela Just tell your parents >> tell my parents?! Gina Lash, that is absolutely the last thing in the world to do! I can't let my parents go to jail on account of something I did! >> my uncle Louie's in prison

He doesn't seem to mind it >> too bad you can't just walk back into the store with the shoes on like you walked out with them on >> hey, yeah! I can walk in and make the switch and walk back out before anyone notices Wow, Gordy Rhinehart, you're almost as smart as Gina Lash! >> oooh! >> time to start "mission unsteal the stompers" But I can't wear the stompers out of the house or my parents will see them

>> shoes! [chuckling] >> time for plan "b" If only I had a plan "b" >> okay, putting paper bags over the orange rubber stompers is not the best plan "b" I could think of but it was the only plan "b" I could think of! >> hey, Angelface

Paper bags on your feet? >> um I'm going to meet my friends to play uh Bagfoot Yeah, that's it Bagfoot Everybody loves to play bagfoot! >> looks like fun

But don't break the brinks's window by playing bagfoot in the empty lot! >> okay, dad, seeyalaterbye! >> [laughing] hey, Angela, why are you walking so funny? >> because, Johnny Abatti, I can't damage these shoes on account of they're not really mine Oh, no! The whole area is flooded and there is no way around! >> and water will ruin the shoes for sure! >> guys, I need your help >> helping you return the shoes might be taking a weight off you, Angela Anaconda, but it sure is putting a lot of weight on us! >>> [grunting] >> whew That was easy Now I am safe at last and can fi– ack! My mom! She can't see me with these shoes! Run! >>> [screaming] >> oh, no! Angela's dad! >> ack! It's my Nonna! Run! >>> [panting] >> phew! That was close! >> Johnny, why did we run from Nonna? She doesn't know about my shoes

>> I know, but I'm supposed to be at home cleaning my room! >> guys! What are we going to do?! How am I going to get to the shoe store if I can't risk being seen? [sighing] >> let's go! >> oh no! I'm too late! They've already called the cops! Looks like plan "b" is plan doomed Doomed, my foot! For fear not, my fearless friends, on account of it is time for plan "c!" With my super grapple hook, I will grapple with the problem no more and enter the shoe store and switch the shoes But unfortunately for me, the shoe store is not un-guarded "mom, dad, Angela's a stomper stealer," Mark and Derek will say but I will put the brakes on their babbling! Now I am in the clear to clear my conscience and return the shoes! And just when I am wondering if I am going to be stuck for a solution, I will walk all over the problem! Goodbye, stolen stompers! Consider yourself un-stolen! Whaaa–! Ta-da! Huh? Baby Lulu! I forgot I was supposed to watch you! Don't shake that rattle! No! Oh, no! I'll be the old lady who lived in a shoe jail! [sighing] when faced with a lifetime of solitary confinement, what else can I do — but turn myself in Please forgive me, officer

It was an accident that I didn't mean to commit Please don't send me to shoe jail It was totally not on purpose! >> ah, what are you talking about? I'm just here to buy new police shoes >> so you're not here to arrest me? >> no >> in that case

Never mind! Goodbye, orange rubber stompers, I'm not going to miss you I did it! I did it! >> ahhhh! >> I got my shoes back, and did not get arrested! I am no longer an accidental stomper stealer! >> I guess all's well that ends well >> yeah

Except that Angela has to wear her old junky loafers again >> that's not a bad thing at all, Gordy Rhinehart Now come on, I've got this great new game Who's up for bagfoot? >> all right! Bagfoot! I'm in!

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