KLCS Newsbrief Big Sunday Shoe Festival at Coliseum St. ES

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Here we are Coliseum street elementary school and we are giving away a brand-new pair of speakers and a brand new pear of socks to every single kid at the school ,and your big Sunday what we do, and we work with tons of LAUSD of schools including Coliseum, for years we connect people through helping There's a wonderful woman here is a teacher's aide named Mrs Massman, Dona Massman, and she found that a lot of the kids didn't have shoes that fit, that the shoes are falling apart, they needed new shoes

Dona and her husband Steve a very generous donation to make this all happen, and here we are today like a big party with all these kids getting new shoes and socks One of the kids that I was just with right now He was just really quiet and sitting down and then Jack one of our other volunteers he found him the perfect shoe and his face just like lit up ,and he was like oh my god ninja shoes ,and then you put them on and we started doing like a dance with his feet was like really great to that Almost like Christmas in January to receive shoes for all the kids are excited, all the teachers are shown, and then the parents as well