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hello it's kat i didn't sit down and film an intro one, because I wanted this video to be short and sweet and two I haven't been feeling great So I don't want to sit down in front of the camera for any reason

So i ordered a lot of stuff from Mod Cloth and several pairs of shoes so I thought I'd split the videos up so this is part one so these first shoes- jumping right into it were on the website described as the I got you Babouche Vegan shoe in the shade Petal and you can see I'm flipping up the backs because on the website in the pictures they had them down- they had them pushed down like that, but I don't like that Actually, when I first saw these, I was like "they're ugly" but I don't know something about 'em I think they're cool They're a little more fancy than I pictured like I pictured me just like throwing them on & leaving the house but they're a little more fancy so i'm not really sure how how I will style them yet but they're cool so I'll definitely get wear out of them you can see my heel slips out a little bit in the back but nothing too bad I'll live with it so that's those onto the next one these were- are the velveteen titans t-strap flat in the shade black and I'm really into these t-strap shoes i don't own any- or I didn't own any until i got these ones and i also got another pair of t-strap shoes I think they're so cute you can see that the top part of the T may be a little long but i really like these i like the velveteen I like the- you know it's just like a step up from a simple black flat And I feel like they're really cute and I'll wear them a lot because they're flats which is always good and then the next shoe, these are so pretty they are called the Romantic Revival Mary Jane heel in the shade Cream you can see they're kind of a nude but not really They're kind of like a milky color they're super pretty, I'm really excited to wear these because I think I'll get a lot of compliments because they're real nice and you can see kind of I tried to get in there- they have a little zig zag edge like it's almost scalloped but it's like pointy it's not like wavy

So that's an interesting little detail i think they're real pretty and the next one's these on the website i thought there would be more pastel but also it might be my computer screen because you know how things look different but these are the Sensational by design heel in Petal and these- if you can tell by how much i'm running around they're real comfortable and that's partially because of how chunky the heel is and they're not too tall and I think they're really precious so I'm excited about these and They have this cool floral pattern on the bottom I tried to get in there and show you but i don't know i'm really excited about these i feel like i could ready to a wedding or something like to stand up for a long time and these ones are the The Zest is History Heel in the shade burgundy and you can see that these also have a t-strap and they have these photo cutouts on the back around the ankle and then also on the toes and you can kinda peep my blue toenail polish These are very cute They're a little less comfortable than the first ones i showed but they do have a little bit like a teeny tiny little platform so that does help I feel like & you can see that the strap kind of place but I feel like it'll be fine and then these are the second to last ones I didn't want to end on a low note, but you'll see I'm kind of like crouching sometimes because the little ankle part in the back digs into me I would almost call it cut- i would say it's cutting into me like i would say it's CUTTING you can see I'm kind of walking around like squatting Because you can see, my ankles could go up but the way that the back is, it goes like in and that's not how I'm shaped, so it doesn't really fit me- you can see it's kind of cutting into me so I dont know what I'm going to do this yet but i will not be wearing them And so these are probably my favorites They're actually the second most comfortable heels and you can see they're tall and maybe looks like my foot's a little too wide for them in the back, but I'll still wear them these are the all hours of the 90's night velvet heel, the ones before it was the celebrate good shines block heel but i love these, I love the like velvet, I love the color, and i usually stay away from open-toed thingsbecause I feel like my toes are like weirdly short, but when I saw that I was like "I don't care, I'll get them and I will wear the heck out of them" I'm not really sure where I'll wear them but i do love the way they look and as I said they are the second most comfortable ones after the little pink ones so that's all of the shoes hopefully you liked this video I know haven't posted anything like this before i will have a haul of all the clothes coming up soon & that's it Bye!!