Hw to repair your shoe

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hi today i would like to show you how you can repair your shoe to prepare for gluing first put some paper or disposable surface in your workspace in order to protect the surface from getting dirty ok let's start the glue i suggest for shoe repair is carpet glue prepare the shoe by cleaning the surface is that need to be clean by wet cloth or tissue and let it dry then cut some cardboard to be used for applying the glue to the shoe you can use recycled material with good thickness such as tissue box or similar boxes and material this glue needs to be applied to the both surface so i will prepare some spacer from cardboard to insert between two parts while the glue is drying now that everything is ready start by applying the glue to each surface make sure to apply thin layer of glue overall surface that needs to be glued by applying the glue and spreading it immediately then put the spacer in between two side in order to prevent it from touching each other while it gets dry do the same thing with the other shoes it may take about 30 minutes to dry check the surface by touching it if the glue is not sticking to you finger then it is dry and ready the more dryer is get the better is the result ok now remove the spacer and push the both side to each other and apply pressure it is important that good amount of pressure is applied that's it you can leave it overnight and it is as good as new one