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hi everyone its Bretta Riches from RunForefootcom and today I'm going to be talking to you about the best running shoes for learning forefoot running for if you don't want to run barefoot at length you really want a running shoe that best matches the barefoot experience because barefoot mimicking minimalist running shoes will really help give you the best chance of avoiding heel strike when you run simply because it's gonna hurt if you land on your heel and these types of shoes one thing to be wary of that there's so many big issues with running shoes that are marketed as being minimalistic but really aren't minimalistic and shoes like the Nike Free are great examples as running shoes marketed as being barefoot but they really are barefoot enough because they are way too thickly cushion especially at the heel causing your foot to lose out on a lot of sensory input that is so very necessary for building better forefoot strike running biomechanics because developing good forefoot running mechanics very sensory centric minimalist running shoes with no cushioning are the most strategically relevant method in helping you build the mechanical capacity to run forefooted more safely than if you were to learn forefoot running in the nike frees in contrast minimalist running shoes such as the Vibram FiveFinters, or the Sockwa X8 or the vivobarefoot, or the Merrell vapor gloves, are smarter way to harness the sensory resources you need at the feet that lead to a more positive and successful development in good forefoot strike running mechanics and true barefoot running shoes are thought to be a real stabilizing force for running because these types of shoes really helping the efforts of developing stronger feet and ankles so you essentially get the physical resources in addition to the sensory resources from true barefoot running shoes like the Vibram's or the vivobarefoot to see real changes in and positive results in your running form with all that said I'm going to discuss a study that I found which i will link below that demonstrated the disadvantages of learning forefoot running in thickly cushion running shoes as opposed to learning forefoot running more barefoot inspired running shoes in the study the researchers set out to test whether the saucony kinvara 2 which is apparently Saucony's minimalist / barefoot running shoe the Kinvara 2 is very thickly cushion it does have a built up heel in my opinion the saucony Kinvara 2 does not really qualify as a true minimalist running shoe because it doesn't mimic barefoot running anyway the researchers investigated whether the saucony Kinvara 2 would induce immediate biomechanical adjustments similar to barefoot running which includes landing with a forefoot strike landing pattern in summary the researchers wanted to see if runners who ran in the saucony kinvara 2 would run strikingly similar to a barefoot runner Unsurprisingly the researchers found that runners who ran in the saucony kinvara 2 failed to reproduce the foot strike in knee joint mechanics of barefoot running and the researchers also found that the runners who ran in the saucony Kinvara 2 had very similar impact forces at the knee-joint as heel strike runners who typically run in traditional cushioned running shoes what this data means is that if you run the saucony Kinvara 2 and you don't know what you're doing with respect to maintaining good biomechanics you'll end up running very similar to a heel strike runner who wears traditional footwear and you'll most likely generate very similar impact patterns that are very high magnitude and eventually erode the knee joint remember the kinvara 2 is the Saucony's minimalist shoe but the findings of the study has shown that the Kinvara 2 is not minimalistic enough to make a runner fully mechanically competent at avoiding high-impact landings during running

In running you don't want any potential to heel strike and thus, run with high-impact variables but the thick underfoot padding of the saucony Kinvara 2 reduces the sources of input of sensory input at the feet which misleads or misdirects the foot to heel strike during running this is why i feel that the saucony Kinvara 2 is very unqualified as a minimal shoe for learning forefoot running, so kinvara 2 shoes may potentially deter you from being on a faster track to master forefoot running oftentimes it takes barefoot running to really put your mechanics in perspective but I really understand that many runners hate the thought and idea of going barefoot for whatever reason in that regard for a smoother transition from heel strike to forefoot strike running you really need that sensory input-backing provided by more barefoot like minimalist running shoes to effectively undo the years of mechanical habits as a heel strike runner AND to avoid over stressing the muscles that because the instinct is to always avoid heel strike and land on your forefoot during running when you essentially have no cushioning under your foot, and this is why more barefoot like running shoes like the vibram fivefingers , or the Sockwas, or the Vivobarefoots, are really the best guidance that leads to more desirable improvements in biomechanics simply because these shoes funnel high levels of proprioceptive input at the feet that the feet are naturally thirsty since efficient and well-coordinated low-impact forefoot running mechanics is tightly regulated by a certain population of nerve cells that line the bottom of the feet and barefoot-like minimalist shoes without cushioning are the most important being to keep your feet functioning at their best aside from actually going barefoot barefoot like running shoes induce healthy structural changes in the feet by expanding their function not restricting their function always remember that you don't give up your shoe cushioning and get nothing in return less cushioning means more vibrant actions that strengthen the feet making the feet more dynamically strong and most tolerant to meeting the challenges of running long distances so for more information on the proper barefoot like running shoes most suitable for forefoot running please visit my blog run forfeit calm and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated on all the latest research regarding the health benefits of barefoot running thank you so much for listening and watching have fun out there on the road bye for now