How to Put on Shoe Covers

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Shoe Covers work best when they have a snug fit on your shoes This sometimes means that it can be slightly difficult to put them on – Here are a few tips that will make it easier to put on your Shoe Covers

Make sure you have the right size in Shoe Covers, if you are in doubt – check out our video "how to choose a Shoe Cover" 1 Put on your shoes before the Shoe Covers 2 Fit the Shoe Cover over the toe of your shoe – make sure the toe fills out the toe of the Shoe Cover 3 Pull the Shoe Cover over the cleat – make sure to fit it around the cleat 4

Pull the rest of the Shoe Cover over the heel of the shoe and fit the Shoe Cover over the heel If you have a Shoe Cover with Velcro underneath, tighten the Velcro to your chosen fitting 5 Make sure that the Shoe Cover is not stuck on any dials on the shoe 6

Fit the cleat and heel and zip up If you are wearing water repellent leg warmers – pull the warmers over the Shoe Cover – to prevent water from your legs ending up in your shoes