Best Hiking Shoe Ever, Salomon Elios 2 Review

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– This way here? – [Voiceover] Hello there, today thought I'd do a review on this pair of hiking shoes, that I've just picked up yesterday They are the Elios 2

This happens to be the fourth pair of Elios 2's that I've owned They originally came out about five years ago Made by the company Salomon For a couple of years they were off the shelf, and it seemed that Salomon had stopped making them, and I know through the backpacking scene that a lot of people were asking for them, and complaining that they were no longer available And what do you know Salomon have just brought them back

And I got these yesterday for about 130 US dollars, so it's 180 Australian dollars I'm sure if search online you might find them cheaper The main reason I feel these are the best hiking shoes I've ever seen is the full leather

It's quite difficult to find full leather hiking shoes, that don't have Gor-tex, so Ultra light, backpacking shoes are often made by flimsier mesh style fabrics Particularly around the toes area And I find that insects like leeches and ants can easily burrow their way through, most trail shoes But as for the Elios 2's, you really are provided with a greater level of protection

And the other main factor, which I find really impressive with these shoes, is the tread on the bottom That's the contra grip tread, that's what Salomon call it Contra grip Hopefully this camera is reading it there You can see that red triangle

That's where it says contra grip So they even provide you with quite strong laces, which a lot of shoe companies these days they try and skimp on small items like that So I try and keep product reviews down on Bush Channel, but, if we do come across products that we believe are exceptional, then we just can't help doing a review on them, so Feel free to leave any comments about this shoe, or ask any questions Just thought I'd put this idea out there that the Elios 2's by Salomon are back out again

And I firmly believe they are the best hiking shoes available Thanks for watching (outro music) (heavy breathing) – Top, wooh!